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Archangel School was founded in 1992 by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Macaluso. With the closure of many nearby Catholic Schools in the 1990s, the Macaluso's felt there was a growing need in the community. They wanted to continue to give the children of their community a chance to have a traditional Catholic education.

The Macaluso's had many challenges in the beginning, as it is a daunting task to create a school from nothing but hope. Luckily, they had many supporters and the guidance of God. They began with an enrollment of twelve students but faced transportation issues, so when the doors opened in September 1992, they had two committed students. It was a minor setback that may have left others doubting, but the Macaluso's pressed.

Over time, the school outgrew its humble beginnings as the student population expanded. The building has moved from Buffalo Road to St. Jude's on Lyell Road to Stanton Lane to East Rochester. In Fall of 2014, God brought us to our new permanent home on Chili Avenue with the purchase of the former Washington Irving School Building. We have grown to include a high school program, offer extracurricular sports, robotics club, and technology education classes. Throughout our growth, the Macalusos have insisted one thing, tuition is to remain affordable. No child should be denied a Catholic education.

We are very thankful to the Macalusos, their supporters, and the tireless work of so many people who have worked to make Archangel grow into the school it is today. Untitled Document