Our Pre-K program is based on the Little Saints Classical Curriculum. This program is designed to address all learning styles in a very engaging, and energetic manner for our littlest learners! The Archangel Pre-K program addresses important areas of instruction including: language, basic arithmetic, critical thinking, history, science, and fine and gross motor skill development.

Of course, the Little Saints program also introduces students to the Bible and focuses on character building. Students have fun while learning and have an easier transition into full-day kindergarten.

Elementary  K-4

The foundation of our Elementary Curriculum comes from Seton Home Study and Kolbe Academy, with some of our own additions to form a well rounded, faithfully Catholic and solidly academic course of study for all our students.

Elementary Courses include: Religion, Mathematics, English, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Phonics, Science, and History. Of course, no elementary program would be complete without favorite extracurriculars, including Art, Music, Computer Technology (grade 4) and Physical Education.


Our Middle School and High School Curriculum not only provides a solid academic foundation which prepares students for their future college or career work, it is enriched beyond what is required by any state standards. We keep a God-centered focus in all of our material and instill in our students that Faith and Reason complement and complete each other. Our curriculum is not Common Core or CRT based and our students do not take NYS Common Core tests.
What makes our curriculum special?

We are proud to include God and faith in our lessons!                                                                                                     Virtue and good characters are encouraged through all activities
Small class sizes allow for custom tailored instruction
We believe a student is more than a grade
When our students are put to the test, they score competitively on state exams!
-Sacraments and Morality
-Church History
-Algebra 1
-Algebra II/Trigonometry
-Earth Science
-Computer Technology
-Physical Education
-Driving Courses
-Entrepreneurship 101
-English 9/ Composition
-English 10/ World Literature
-English 11/ American Literature
-English 12/ British Literature
-Global History I
-Global History II
-American History
-United States History 
Foreign Language
-Spanish 1A
-Spanish 1B
-Spanish 2
-Spanish 3
-Latin 1A
-Latin 1B
-Latin 2
-Latin 3